Project Description

Yerington Theatre for the Arts (YTA) has four major performances each season. They hired us to manage the marketing, design and management on all platforms. We were thrilled with the creative freedom, plus we love tunes, so it was a win-win. Their goals included increasing ticket sales, connecting with a younger audience and having a visual appearance that would drive interest in the performance itself and in the organization as a whole.

Work on these performances included (but wasn’t limited to) contacting the artist (or hopefully a responsive manager) to provide us with any visuals we could build upon. We researched the artist, investigated their brand, watched their videos and sampled their music. We gathered required components (funding logos, required mentions or specific content) that needed to be in place. More often than not, we had to make it work with very little visual support, but we learned to roll with it – then we began to love the challenge.

We managed print quotes, media costs and PR. For each performance we wrote, designed and implemented: press releases, direct mailers, posters, social media promotions, tickets, programs and website reinforcement. If we were lucky and it was in the budget, we produced a radio spot and/or TV commercial as well. mediumFUSION has a long history of performances to reflect on, thanks to them. This one was one of our favorites.