Project Description

After working with YTA for several years, they approached us with confidence and asked if  we could assist them with their 3 year pilot idea of launching a small farmers market. Now, we all love farmers markets and we were thrilled with the opportunity to help them make this a success. We all had a lot to learn and it was exciting.

We met with Western Nevada College – Specialty Crop Institute professionals , flew out and attended workshops and met other local farmers that maintained booths at nearby markets to get their feedback. We evaluated what worked and what didn’t –  then mapped out a marketing and design plan and created timelines for deliverables to back it up. They needed the works and we were happy to deliver.

Work included: branding, logo design, social media strategies, print and digital marketing, indoor and outdoor signage, tents and bags, direct mail, posters, contests, promotions, radio script and photography. We are thrilled to report the Yerington Farmers Market is now four years old!