Project Description

So the phone rings…. “Connie, how busy are you right now?” I laugh and respond, “Hi Alan, I’m just living the dream, what’s up?” Well, what’s up was that the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis needed an annual report, like, yesterday. So we suited up and accepted the challenge (we like challenges). Alan handled the content and we handled the rest – it was fast and furious.

It was amazing to work with the YMCA team, Alan Schoff and all the powers-that-be to make this happen. Within a week the copy was “semi” approved,  brand standards were reviewed and an initial concept was on the table. We gathered images, shot pics to fulfill particular stories and laid down a first draft  to the Y within two weeks – and that draft was approved (with changes of course, but still)! We had seven days to get it right, get in on press and have it delivered by its due date. Whew, we’re still sweating that job a little – like we just went to the gym. The Y is an excellent organization and we were happy to assist. Heck, we probably lost five pounds for that effort AND they got what they needed.

Work included: Conception of the theme, embracing their brand standards, finding the best images to support the content, typography and style setting, design, production, communications, management and pre-press.