Who ever said print was dead, lied.

We’ve all heard the saying “print is dead,” but this is simply not true. Print is still an effective, essential and widely used form of marketing and will continue to be so for years to come.

As “social” as the world is becoming, there will always be the need to reinforce, with tangible assurance, that what you do, sell or promote makes the right (lasting) impression. Yes, print may be used less, but it can stand out more and last longer. It’s not like you go to a trade show with your laptop and say “welcome to my booth.” Yes, this is a digital age – but if you want your marketing strategy to be unquestionably effective, think multichannel.

Stand Out

We know, everyone has a website, an app, an email list, and a social media residence – but how does your company stand out? Slick, customized print pieces such as brochures, posters and invitations are a fabulous way to do that. You are truly getting your message literally into the hands of your audience. As research shows, that audience is more likely to continue to engage with your message over a longer period of time than a social media post or an email they never looked at. Print is an experience. From the texture and consistency of the paper to refined typography and control of color, as well as dynamic printing techniques (e.g. die cutting, embossing, foil stamping) – digital just isn’t the same. They do work well together though and both should be well considered when building your marketing strategy. (At least we think so.)

Print Drives

A printed piece is well served to drive your customers to your digital domain. You can spread the reach of a marketing campaign much wider by cross-promoting on both print and digital platforms.

We Take Print Seriously

No matter what type of print element we are working on, we research the cause, inspect the target audience, evaluate your current brand standards and voice, gauge the competition and embrace the goal (for starters). Be it event collateral, print ad campaigns, annual reports, trade show booths and banners, direct mail or brochures – it matters. We’ll reinforce your brand, generate some stellar visuals, communicate your message clearly and reinforce the goals at hand – all channels considered.