Project Description

We’ve been way fortunate to have worked with renowned local storyteller, Bob Sander, on projects that included Storytelling Arts of Indiana.  So, when we got a call asking if we had any interest in working with him on a project for Indy Reads, we jumped at the chance. They were in need of a video they could present at their volunteer orientation that would drive home the impact of what being a volunteer at Indy Reads was like – about the difference they could make and how personally rewarding it could be.

We staged the shoot at Indy Reads Books (appropriate, right?) and gathered as many willing volunteers and students as we could. Our goal was to have them tell their story. We spent hours listening to those stories and grabbing the most effective components before reweaving it into a collaborative and cohesive piece for the audience – one story told by many.

It was an honor to work with such a fine storyteller, to meet some amazing volunteers and students, and to learn about what an amazing organization Indy Reads is to so many. They loved the video and we loved the opportunity. If you have an interest or know someone who might, Indy Reads is always looking for more volunteers and/or new students.