Project Description

The Center for Earth & Environmental Science (CEES) at IUPUI wasn’t satisfied with their logo, and felt it didn’t visually communicate their mission to provide applied interdisciplinary environmental solutions to translate research into action while promoting environmental stewardship through education and public service programs.

CEES wanted a design that better communicated who they were and what they did. They wanted to see and feel: urban, Indianapolis, science, water, environment and community in their new logo. They also wanted several versions because each application had or needed its own treatment due to Indiana University (IU) brand standards and requirements of use.

We worked in tandem with IU brand standards and protocols in regards to colors and fonts, but the concept was ours to create. After two years of waiting for the board’s final decision, IU approved the logo. It’s now being incorporated throughout CEES’ marketing collateral – and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our company believes in doing our part in being environmentally conscious and it was an honor to work with them on this effort.